Who are we.


Speak to Strangers are a Sydney creative agency, specialising in brand strategy and digital experiences. 

As you'd expect, the idea of Speak to Strangers was born in a shady pub in Eastern Europe. Our founding father(s) share a passion for everything that defines advertising: pace, challenge and opportunity. The same things that are often accompanied by a stiff drink.

What we offer is simple: we combine the experience of veterans with the creativity that's often lost from brainstorm to boardroom. We're not here to reinvent the wheel, but we’ve got a knack for tread that sticks.

We're passionate about ideas that create measurable value. If they leave a lasting mark – even better.  

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Zander van Oldenborgh – Director/Strategist

Working in the advertising industry as an Art Director/Strategist for 9 years, my goal is to create beautiful, conceptual, and strategic work that has an immersive quality. I’ve been responsible for the animation, design-thinking and execution of projects from initial conception through to final output. I have experience working both locally and internationally and have a sound understanding of how to tie a creative concept to a business problem, no matter how tight or open-ended this may be. I have been a part of, as well as led some of the biggest jobs to come out of Sydney. This includes the biggest projection in history — recorded as such in the Guinness Book of Records — for the Arabic Games in 2011; using large, curved wall projections for a leading consumer brand in USA; and multiple large format 360-degrees wrap projections in locations such as The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

I have worked with a broad scope of brands and agencies, ranging from the conservative side of the spectrum, such as banks and financial institutions, to the more ‘edgy’ clients such as Vans and various international musicians.

Having actually studied and worked as a creative director/brand strategist/designer/animator, I have a special intimacy with the creative team. Many company directors have a lack of experience with the tools, which creates a real disconnect to the bread-and-butter of creative output. I understand timelines, budget and client expectations first-hand. I believe this also grants me the knowledge and experience to recognise where the production value can be maximised should there be budget constraints or changes to the brief.

Lets fall in love with your business problems together and find the process that works for you. 

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Robbie Chan – Strategist

I help brands identify the cultural passion points and playgrounds where their audiences live, and craft leverage on those insights. I help tailor the right message for the right audience at the right time.

I have over 8 years of experience working across sports marketing, broadcast media, music and entertainment, digital publishing. In that time I’ve worn many hats – research and insights analyst, commercial insights strategist, brand strategist, digital strategist but whatever the title, my simple proposition for my clients is knowing where you are and helping you identify where you want to be, and the fancy part is building the story of how we get there.

I’ve worked with brands of all shapes and sizes and my goal is to help everyone be smarter in all things marketing. I want to help brands understand how they can play a role in culture and make real impact on the audiences they want to engage.

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Michael Wilkins – Media SPEcialist

In a world where the digital landscape is forever changing, it is challenging to stay ahead of the curve. I have been self motivated to continually educate and re educate myself on current trends in this space. This includes putting myself through extensive short courses and also researching what is new and happening offshore in other countries. Making sure that any digital strategy I implement is second to none, resulting in the best possible return. My experience has been in sales across all aspects of digital including:
Facebook Advertising
Social Media

Further to this I have been heavily involved in the consultation of development across:
Custom hand coded websites - HTML5, PHP, Joomla, CSS, Wordpress, Javascript, Ajax, Flash, etc
Mobile site Development
Mobile Apps
Facebook Apps

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David Bangma – Senior Designer/Creative

Being well rounded creative wiz kid; Davie draws on years of experience in the creative scene as well as formal study in both design and fashion. From owning his own successful surf/fashion label (which was stocked nationwide as well as Surf Stitch) as well as working as a creative for the top fashion and music labels to come out of Australia, Davie’s experience in the creative world is very diverse to say the least. If you’re at a club/festival in Sydney, and you’re enjoying the music, don’t be surprised to look up and see Davie gracing the decks with the one's and the two’s. 

Speak To Strangers is very lucky to have such a talent in our arsenal. 

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Kati Bessenyei – Senior Motion Designer

Kati Bessenyei has been responsible for some of the best work to come out of Speak To Strangers. With university studies in Fine arts as well continual training in motion graphics and visual effects, her attention to detail and critical thinking is second to none. Kati has a deep understanding of pace, flow and technical know-how. Consistently, over delivering. 

Photographer , Advertising, Computer, Digital, graphics, CRM, Vector graphics, video production, brand strategy, social media, website creation

Leon van Megen – PhotographeR

Working some of the most respected brands and artists to come out of Australia and New Zealand, Leon has a portfolio that impresses even the most harshest of critics. From sport activations with Nike and Adidas to street fashions brands like Huffer, just to name a few, his long list of credentials is impressive to say the least. With the launch of his large format fine arts exhibitions underway, his understanding of what makes a great photograph doesn’t just sit in the commercial space.

Any project that requires still image finesse, Leon is our guy.