Brand Strategy

We are here to solve business problems. We want to fall in love with your pain points and find solutions to solve them. 

Solving business problems requires more than analytics. However, brilliant communications aren't solved without a deep understanding of data and rigorous market analysis.

To do this, we need to conduct a digital audit and assess the chain of processes that bind your brand’s tone of voice and identity. An effective strategy should run deep through every facet of your communications, no touchpoint is safe.

Your ‘tribe’ don't just want to know what you're about, they want to believe it. Authenticity is more prevalent than ever, and transparency is a prerequisite. Who are your ‘tribe’. What do they think, feel and do? Who do they interact with, and in what manner? We then create detailed persona’s and analyse how the existing customer journey interacts with them and see ways in which we can create measurable improvements. Once we have collected this quantitative and qualitative data, we create insights.

This essential part of the process informs the Craft. The Craft has no intrinsic value without insights. It’s a harmonious dance of creativity and evocative thought. The ying and the yang, the tortoise and its shell, peas and carrots – you get the picture. 

One - Day Workshop

This one day workshop (split over two days) is perfect for a brand who needs to find it's voice or has found it's current communications to be lacklustre with little direction. We will provide everything you need to create effective messaging across all touchpoints. Consumers will spend more money with a brand that’s well defined, so let’s carve out your brand story together and see conversion rates increase.

$1750 Per/m (+GST)

  • One day workshop (split over two days)
  • Various live exercises to immerse ourselves in the brand and its customers.
  • A document that outlines everything you need to build effective communications.
  • Brand Pillars

  • Core Values

  • Brand Purpose

  • Buying Personas

  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

  • Why, How, What Communication

  • Brand Personality Traits

  • Brand Positioning Statement

  • Implementation

Deep Dive

Our deep dive is an ongoing relationship that lasts 3 weeks. It will require 3 half-day meetings, once a week where we cover two topics each meeting. These meetings will require the C-suite and decision-makers. There will be 6 documents that will be continuously updated. It will be a ‘live’ doc where each module will update each other as we progress through each topic. Because strand strategy is a mix of art and science, there’s a lot of cross-influence, but don’t worry, it’s exciting stuff!

At the end, you will have a robust document that will be a deep dive into your brand’s mind and its customers, supported with data. We provide advanced data visualisations ( so you and your staff can easily understand certain insights.

Think of it as your marketing bible.

$7500 (+GST)

  • 3 half day meetings, spaced over 3 weeks. (one a week)

  • Various live exercises to immerse ourselves in the brand and its customers.

  • 6 documents covering all the sections below.

  • Data visualization


    • Your Brand Type & Structure

    • Your Standard What, How, Why Communication

    • Your Core Values

    • Supporting Stories Exemplifying Your Values

    • Your Brand Purpose

    • Your Buyer Personas

    • What Inspires Your Personas

    • Your New Why, How, What Communication


    • Your Competitor Profiles

    • The Rating Criteria Most Important to Your Buyer Personas

    • How You Compare in the Competitive Matrix

    • Your Market’s Ability to Delight

    • Your Brand’s Ability to Delight

    • Your Brand’s Strengths

    • Your Brand’s Differentiating Strengths

    • Which Key Criteria Apply to Your Differentiating Strengths

    • Your Current Competitive Advantages to Use for Differentiation

    • Your Potential Competitive Advantages to Use for Differentiation


    • Market Share, by Revenue and/or Unit Sales

    • Market Trends

    • Market Lifecycle Stage

    • Appropriate Positioning Approach for Market Lifecycle

    • Method for Delivering Value

    • Current Mindshare Owned

    • Mindshare Desired to Own

    • Mindshare Map


    • Brand Hierarchy

    • Functional and Emotional Benefits that Cause Behavior Change

    • Three Things Your Brand Means to Your Buyer Personas

    • Brand Personality Traits

    • The Brand Experience to Deliver at Each Touchpoint

    • Brand Positioning Statement

    • Elements for Your Brand Story

    • The Operational Brand Experience to Deliver at Each Touchpoint


    • Visual Brand Touchpoints

    • Operational Brand Touchpoints

    • Internal Brand Creative Assessment

    • External Brand Creative Assessment

    • Internal Brand Operational Assessment

    • External Brand Operational Assessment

    • Brand Audit Score

    • Gap Analysis

    • Brand Update Schedule


    • SWOT

    • Brand Vision

    • Your Big Idea

    • Where to Use Each Element of Your Brand Strategy

    • Action Items for Each Brand Strategy Element

    • Tactics to Leverage Behavioral Economics

    • Data Science Actions for CAC and CLV

    • Data Science Actions for Brand Measurement

    • Data Science Actions for Customer Acquisition and Retention Stages

Pay For access

We have this option for clients who have done either the ‘One Day Workshop’ or the ‘Deep Dive’ and want an ongoing sounding board and strategy advice. Our agency is experienced across brand strategy, creative content and media/CRM so we can offer advice that’s holistic and multifaceted. These phone calls/meetings can save you thousands on ineffective campaigns.

$400 (+GST) Per Month 

  • 24/7 access to expert strategic marketing advice across - Brand strategy, creative executions and media/CRM.

  • Phone calls

  • Zoom (online meetings)

  • In person meetings

About us

A unique Creative Agency specialising in solving business problems. Through proven brand strategy, digital experiences, CRM solutions and cost-effective Media, we have found a system to deliver measurable results. We guarantee it.


A simple questionnaire to uncover your business objectives and key content requirements.

Script Writing

We use key learnings from the discovery phase to craft an emotive action lead script.


Think of this stage as a visual skeleton. A birds-eye overview of your content piece.

Style Frames, Animation tests

This is the stage where our clients get really excited. The flavour you could say.


This is where we flex our little muscles and get stuck in, drawing inspiration from all four previous steps.


You will receive your videos in the highest of quality, for any variety of channels.

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