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Explainer Videos

There is a reason why explainer videos are so popular. They work! Condensing your product or service into a 60-second video is the most cost effective way to engage and inform your audience. People don't want to read text anymore, they have books for that. They want your message communicated in an engaging manner in the least amount of time. Give the people what they want!



$1499 - $5599 (+GST)

Getting a product off the ground can be tricky and budgets are tight. Explaining your product/service in a well-crafted infographic style is be best ROI you can spend your money on. We have made our 'Essentials' option affordable and packed with value.

  • Infographic style
  • Client's brand colours/logos
  • Simple effects
  • CTA's
  • Storyboards
  • Professional script writing
  • 1 x Style frame
  • Professional Voice-over Artist
  • Licensed music track
  • 3 x Round of revisions (Animation phase)
  • 1-4 Week turnaround

    Essentials Showreel: 

    Essentials projects:



    $3249 - $11,499 (+GST)

    Want to impress your audience by adding real charm to your brand? Having characters in your videos adds that extra level of storytelling. Whether you're solving FAQ's or solving typical customer journey pain-points; people relate to people. (even if they are made from pixels)

    • Simple 2D Characters
    • Premium Infographic style
    • Added effects
    • Unlimited Stock footage
    • Client's brand colours/logos
    • CTA's
    • Storyboards
    • Professional script writing
    • 1 x Style frame
    • Professional Voiceover Artist
    • Licensed Music track
    • 3 x Round of revisions (Animation phase)
    • 2-4 Week turnaround

      Elevate showreel:

      Elevate Projects:



      $4599 - $16,599 (+gst)

      Competition is rife and premium video content is king. Increase the shareability of your content and cement your brand as a leader amongst your competitor set. 

      • Complex 2D Characters
      • Complex Animations
      • Various 3D assets
      • Premium Effects
      • Unlimited Stock Footage
      • Premium Infographic style
      • Client's brand colours/logos
      • Storyboards
      • Professional script writing
      • 3 x Style frame
      • Professional Voiceover Artist
      • Licensed music track
      • 3 x Round of revisions (Animation phase)
      • 3-4 Week turnaround

        Platinum showreel:

        Platinum projects:

        About us

        A unique Creative Agency specialising in solving business problems. Through proven brand strategy, digital experiences, CRM solutions and cost-effective Media, we have found a system to deliver measurable results. We guarantee it.


        A simple questionnaire to uncover your business objectives and key content requirements.

        Script Writing

        We use key learnings from the discovery phase to craft an emotive action lead script.


        Think of this stage as a visual skeleton. A birds-eye overview of your content piece.

        Style Frames, Animation tests

        This is the stage where our clients get really excited. The flavour you could say.


        This is where we flex our little muscles and get stuck in, drawing inspiration from all four previous steps.


        You will receive your videos in the highest of quality, for any variety of channels.

        How long will my video take?

        We know you want to show the world your great products and services, but like any great ideas, they need time to flourish. Our 'Essentials Explainer' video takes 1-2 weeks of production time, ‘Elevate Explainer' video takes 2-4 weeks and 'Essentials Platinum ' video takes 3-4 weeks of production time, from start to end. Our Social Media video packages and Logo animations take 1-3 weeks of production time. If there are pressing deadlines, please let us know in the ‘additional notes', so we can accommodate. We never miss deadlines!

        Why do you only charge me 50% deposit at Checkout?
        It’s industry standard to pay 50% upfront and then 50% on completion. We have a 100% satisfactory policy, so if you’re not happy, you get your money back. This has never happened to us, but we want people to have that guarantee to settle any nerves. (this is definitely not industry standard, but we go above and beyond).

        Do you do custom orders? What about live action?
        We certainly do. Even though you see a series of proven package deals, we tailor to all kinds of projects. We also have a bunch of talented Directors, Editors, Camera operators and designers on our books for all your live action needs.
        How many changes are included in the price?
        Because animated videos are a blend of art and science, changes are inevitable. After the first two stages are signed off (scriptwriting and storyboards) by you, the client, only then do we start animating. We limit the rounds of changes in the animation stage to 3 (our clients never need more than this anyway).
        Why do you have your prices for everyone to see?

        Many creative agencies keep their prices hidden so they can charge a different rate depending on the client. We pride ourselves on transparency and don’t need to squeeze every penny out of our client, thats not the honest way to do things. Compared to the market (yes, we have done our research) we offer higher production value at a lower price. This is because we are experts at what we do. 

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