Music video proposal – Lime Cordiale ‘Screw Loose’

Who’s this guy?


Founder & Art Director

Working in the advertising industry as an Art Director/Designer/Animator/Brand Strategist for 9 years, my goal is to create beautiful, conceptual, and strategic work that has an immersive quality. I’ve been responsible for the animation, design-thinking and execution of projects from initial conception through to final output. I have experience working both locally and internationally and have a sound understanding of how to tie a creative concept to a business problem, no matter how tight or open-ended this may be. I have been a part of, as well as led some of the biggest jobs to come out of Sydney. This includes the biggest projection in history — recorded as such in the Guinness Book of Records — for the Arabic Games in 2011; using large, curved wall projections for a leading consumer brand in USA; and multiple large format 360-degrees wrap projections in locations such as The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

I have worked with a broad scope of brands and agencies, ranging from the conservative side of the spectrum, such as banks and financial institutions, to the more ‘edgy’ clients such as global surf/skate brands, various international musicians and fashion labels.

Having actually studied and worked as a creative director/brand strategist/designer/animator, I have a special intimacy with the creative team. Many company directors have a lack of experience with the tools, which creates a real disconnect to the bread-and-butter of creative output. I understand timelines, budget and client expectations first-hand. I believe this also grants me the knowledge and experience to recognise where the production value can be maximised should there be budget constraints or changes to the brief.

Character treatment:

Colour Treatment:

Transition Styles:

Chorus Ideas

While the narrative continues through the piece, we cut to more of a trippy scene to add variety and spice during the chorus. We will use a spiral visual device, similar to the ‘De Staat’ video, but mixed with the ‘towards camera’ intensity of the ‘White stripes’. There will be trippy 3D objects spinning around the band, morphing into one another. This space will feel psychedelic. The chorus scenes will grow in intensity as the narrative escalates. These objects will relate to the script and narrative. We will have closer/full-frame cuts of the band members singing and playing the drums/bass – full-frames lips singing, full-frame fingers smashing the bass. 

There will be some elements of this reference below. Spinning objects, morphing into one another:

Initial concept Ideas

These are just initial concepts to get the creative juices flowing. I’m aware of the branding of Lime Cordiales; fun upbeat, carefree. So the light pastel colour treatment is necessary to combat the negative connotations of ‘Screw Loose’. Some of these ideas are kooky, so bare with me.

Dog Trainer –
Our main character is a struggling dog trainer who is overly competitive about getting his undersized/under welcoming Poodle onto the podium of the local dog show competition. He is envious of all the other dog trainers and grows resentment for this own doggo. He’s so desperate for the fame and glory, he goes to a dodgy dealer to get some secret serum to make his dog ‘perfect’. Over time he gets great success but his greed gets the better of him. The dog ends up getting enormous big one day he forgets to feed his pooch because he’s signing autographs. The dog’s appetite needs to be filled. When returning from signing autographs, without hesitation he gobbles down his owner. We have a camera transition to a photo of the dog on the drum kit of ‘Lime cordials’ playing live to a crowd.
Preppy boy –
A young corporate 20 something male, starts his day getting on train and shoves someone to the side when entering. He sits down and doesn’t give his seat for a pregnant woman.
Hes a c*nt to everyone around him. (think American Psycho trying at act cool and fit in)
Gets to work and he’s swiping tinder, swiping left to every person, but then swipes right on one duck face bimbo. Someone goes around with sandwiches and he closes the door on them. He then gets a ping on email for a Facebook invite to a party. The theme is ‘Pimps and prostitutes’. He gets excited.
He then orders online and gets it express delivery. Dresses up like a giant condom.
He goes to the party and behaves like a douche. Puts on the strobe light and fucks the party and blows the speakers. Everyone leaves and doesn’t like him. 
Im not sure what the ending will be – its either dark or a positive spin?


Game controller –
Two characters of the band members are in a platform game and theres an evil controller character at the top third of the screen who’s giving difficult things for them to deal with as they are making their quest to the party. The screen of the controller character gets smaller as they complete their mission to the party and then at the end they are playing to a small intimate house party.

Screw Loose


Get a rise from anybody who would care

You hate it, you love it, you’d fake your fucking death

Running out of spanks when you finally get caught

Turn it into a little argument that not what you’ve been taught

You don’t do what your Mumma ever says

You never stay inside and refuse to go to bed

Climbing out the window of your bedroom, see you later

To the people of the night, got a light, ciggie paper?

This magical abyss you somehow think you’re fine

But you are fooling no one about to pop and lose your mind

It all goes straight through ya

Nothing left to lose

This confidence it’ll fool ya

When you’re drowning in the booze

You got a screw loose

You never see the light of day

You got a screw loose

Will you ever sit right again?

Is it always so hard

Trying not to fall apart

And you’re worried walking down the street

You always come last

When you’re going too fast

Now it’s time I turn the other cheek

You got a screw loose

I’ve seen you dressed up at a party

But you hardly kick start it

And your friends are aiming at you

Instead of hitting pinatas

Your life’s a violet crumble

You’re flakey and you’re dark

And even your own mother doesn’t know who you are

You’re backed into a corner with no date and no friends

You’re the bottom of a beer that no one likes in the end

It all goes straight through ya

Like a ghost drinking juice

You’re competent but babe I’m stepping out of these boots

Gotta cut the screws loose

Nothing left to lose

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