Our process combines three traditionally siloed disciplines.

Think – covers the strategic thinking behind your brand. Craft – is all about crafting the messaging through a variety of digital executions. We are crafting a story that aligns to your brand voice. Express – talks to your audience where it matters most to them. We need the right message at the right time. Trim the fat; not a dollar spent on creative work that doesn’t deliver the strategic message. The days of pumping precious ad spend dollars on content that’s dull, boring, informative, are over.
As a small-medium sized business owner or brand manager we know you don’t have the spare time to research all the latest tricks to grow your business, well don’t worry, we have. Through proven brand strategy, digital experiences and cost-effective media; we have formulated a system to deliver measurable results.
Every project we undertake starts with a concise questionnaire about your key KPI’s and what you want to achieve with your content. What is your brand about? Who do you want to speak to? and in what manner? The more you uncover the behavioural economics of your target audience, the more effective it will be. Let’s evoke action!

Brand Strategy is where the roots of creativity grow.

The first step in any branding project at Speak To Strangers, is a thorough workshop to uncover the mechanics of how your brand currently operates and where we need to go. In the discovery session, we’ll learn about your business, your goals and KPI’s, ideal customers, current positioning, and much more. This discovery session gives us key insights into your business which will inform the development of your brand’s voice. 

We have detailed in our Brand Strategy page the workshops and Pay For Access services we offer.

Depending on where your business or brand is; we either suggest to get involved if we feel there are improvements to be made, otherwise, we execute your pre-existing brand strategy.

Having a deep understanding of the PPC game, we truly feel we have a holistic understanding of what it takes to deliver a message that’s actionable and effective.

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Crafting your brand’s narrative.

Once we have laid the strategic foundations, we can now craft the story. This is where the magic happens. We are fed millions of brand messages every day, how will your unique selling proposition be illustrated effectively through all your communications? How will your designs reflect the intrinsic value of your company? How will you speak to strangers. 
People often don’t know why they like a certain website or brand collateral, they-just-do. It’s like your favourite hot sauce; you have no idea how they made it so-dam-good. 
However, we know the secret. Add infinitely passionate art directors and creatives labouring over the smallest detail. From iconography to colourful persuasive language, its a smorgasbord of clever ideas, effective messaging and immaculate refinement. 
Video is still the most engaging, most consumed medium in our current digital landscape. Come closer, I’ll explain why… It’s effective. Around 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook. That’s staggering. However, to be relevant you need to be more engaging than ever. We need to dive deep into your brand and see what’s required to solve those business problems. People don’t have time to read pages of copy to have an understanding of a product or service, they want a video. Here at Speak to Strangers, we don’t just pump out content-for-contents-sake, we draw upon insightful, data-driven brand strategy to inform effective messaging.


Your content is as only as good as its management and delivery. How you craft the messaging within your social media posts? Does the tone of voice of your brand reflect the core principles of your company? Do you actively engage with your audience in an authentic manner? These are the fundamental pillars of a robust social media presence. Let your social media channel speak volumes.
Paid media is a vital part of any effective communication. Algorithms are so advanced nowadays, the art to optimising campaigns has never been so important. The ways in which you can deliver video is getting more and more complex. Your creative work needs to reflect the multi-faceted audience segmentation. The days of putting one generic ad on TV are long gone. If you want to be ahead of the curves, mixing science and data with your targeted ad sets will result in more qualified leads and sales. It’s as simple as that.
Think of paid media as your personal modern-day messenger Pigeon, only with a few upgrades like – jet packs, x-ray vision and abilities to see into the future. The art of delivering a message is as important as the message itself. Whether it’s Social Media, PPC or CRM, they all need to be agile, flexible, lean, calculated and efficient – just like our feathered friends. 
Our media gurus know how to utilise every dollar of ad spend and bring you qualified leads. Let’s start planning your media budget today.



The journey begins with you filling out a questionnaire. We have designed carefully crafted questions to get you thinking about the strategic information that your video campaign needs to convey. The tone of voice, business metrics, your company’s vision, values and KPI’s. Then, based on your answers, we’ll conduct a 30 min strategy session over the phone or in person, whatever is easier. After this discovery session, we will have a solid idea about how to tackle key objectives. 



Our scriptwriting team collates the information collected in the discovery session and shapes the tone of voice of your messaging. Our advanced scriptwriters are experts at joining factual information with emotive delivery. It’s crucial that this mix of left and right brain messaging is concise and engaging. We have developed an unstoppable recipe, that always works. We’ll even show you the techniques and psychology behind the writing, so you can understand how your brand will be conveyed. Once we are 110% happy with the written script we will find a Voice Over Artist to who will bring life into your story.



Think of this stage as a visual skeleton that reflects the written script. A birds-eye visual representation of your video that shows the visual flow and messaging. This stage is only in sketch form so amends can be made easily without disrupting the overall process too much.



This is the stage where our clients get really excited. The is where the flavour is added and tested. We will be offering a look and feel that aligns with your current brand guidelines (ie, fonts, colours, branded graphic elements). This will consist of two style frames and one animation tests to show you an example of how graphical elements will move.


This is where we flex our little muscles and get stuck in to the meat and bones of it all. Drawing inspiration from all four previous steps, it’s time to create an ‘animatic’. Its a where we compile all the finished graphical elements, final Voice Over and other assets to make a whole video. Once this is signed off by you the client, only then we will create the final animation with all the fancy bells and whistles.



Now we have created something beautiful, let’s get the world to see it! Depending on if you’re on our retainer packages, PPC (pay per click) is an extra cost. We have a variety of options depending on what video you purchased from us. We can get our media specialists to find a cost-effective plan that will drive qualified leads to your website.

Still unsure how this whole thing works? No problem! Either use our live Chat services below on the bottom right, email or call us. We are happy to help!

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