Scoutsman came to Speak To Strangers for a full business rebrand, — from a new logo to a dynamic Ecommerce platform. No stone unturned. Their core audience is a city dweller by day, adventurer by weekend. After various 3rd party data sources, our insights came to a resolve. This audience feels trapped by the city and struggle to find time to go into an adventure store and spend 2 hours finding what they need.

The design essence of the rebrand needed to speak to the city slicker as well as the seasoned adventurer. Most of their clientele were inland bound on the weekends, so it made logical sense to use a mountain as the core design element. We wanted to create a modern box around ‘Scoutsman’ to show the modern sleek nature of the business and product range. Authentic and clean – just like their core audience. 

Hero landing page-min.png

187 products across 14 Categories.


Print and Stationary Collateral.

Stationary layout_smart-min.png
Stationary layout_Wood-min.jpg

Custom eco-friendly iconography.

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Promotional and campaign Badges.


We created a partnered up with Carbon Checkout to support sustainable initiatives by letting the customer round to the nearest dollar when it comes to check out time. This resonated with our core tribe and was used across different media platforms.

Carbon check out-min.png

Social Media.

We wanted to create real value through the social media channels as our audience values knowledge and know-how above brand ambassadors and filters. So we created a series of useful ‘Scoutsman Tips’, informing our audience on new ways to solve everyday outdoor problems in an ecologically friendly way.

Animation logo rebrand.