Under the hood of Social Media marketing 2020


Social media is here to stay, regardless if you like it or not. We are social people and we need to connect with one another. In order for your brand to be in the conversation, you need to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

The days of having a junior looking after your social media channels are well gone. The available metrics gathered through deep analytics are one of the most exciting parts of having an effective social media management plan. Everything is trackable and your content can steer towards what’s driving sales and brand awareness.

Give your audience value, for free. Build trust and authority. Make them feel like you understand their issues and pain points.

Manage dialogue with your customers through personal responses from all your social media touchpoints, no matter where they are on the sales funnel. Having a robust social media management system in place will cement brand loyalty and drive warm leads.

Speak to your target audience with inspirational imagery and videos that echo your brand values and tone of voice.

What’s so good about social media?

Gathering brand loyalty and organic traffic is just the beginning, there’s a plethora of techniques and ways in which you can target your ideal customer. You can see social media more of an eco-system of attracting new customers, re-targeting those warm leads while developing trust. Then exposing those warm prospects with video content and coax them into action through hyper-specific tailored explainer videos and paid media targeting.

Here is a list of benefits that social media can offer:

Web Traffic (you can also target foot traffic)

Engage with warm leads who have an interest in your product or service

Drive sales and growth

Increase google rankings (SEO)

Brand exposure to a broader audience

Increase hype and fan base – Getting people to organically re-share your content to other users and friends.

Build a community – You can use Facebook groups to build brand loyalty with passionate customers.

Multiple opportunities to show brand expression and tone of voice

Retargeting advertising capabilities.

What does success look like for you?

Having clear key performance indicators (KPI’s) will be the north star in your pursuit for success. It’s a great way you can see if you’re on track. Success can come in many shapes. Where on the sales funnel does your chosen social platform sit and how does that relate to your KPI’s.

Is the ultimate goal leads and sales? If it is – focus on email subscriptions and web traffic to specific landing pages. Conversely, as a brand are you only wanting brand awareness to compliment another sales channel (like bricks and mortar)? The focus on likes, RT’s, followers, shares, engagement. Or maybe you’re a combination of both.

Content Strategy

Jab, Jab, Punch:

This a term that Gary Vaynerchuck coined where you offer more value than you sell. Draw your audience with free valuable content so you can develop trust. Once your audience is engaged and sees you as someone with authority in your industry, only then can you expose them to an offer through the ‘punch’.

No one wants to see sales offer all the time and neither do the algorithms. Relevant original content always reigns supreme and the bots that crawl your social media and website will reward you accordingly by increasing your search rankings.

Jab = Images, videos, links to free content. 

Punch = Link to a landing page or sales pages, product videos, explainer videos

Be relevant: 

Keep a keen eye on trending hashtags in your niche. Using generic hashtags won’t cut it as you precious posts will get lost within the masses. Fine-tune as users will search those on intentionally, not just ‘browsing’. Look at your competitors and see what they are using. Don’t copy, just pick a couple and do research. Hashtagify is a great start

Entertain your viewers:

Find out what your audience finds funny and generally entertaining. Segment your target audience into different personality types and find out what their hobbies and interests are.  Puns, cute images, quotes, memes, gifs, emojis, jokes and so on. Try recreate your own funny content with your brand’s logo watermarked, so when people share it, it will drive traffic back to your profile. You can also use curated content as long as it aligns to your brand’s values. Only 30% of your posts should be curated, no more.

Inform through education: 

Look at the common pain points in your niche and provide information in solving them. You need to think of creative ways in which you can do this. For example: Use carousel images to show a typical problem in the industry and then provide the solution on the last two slides, maybe even a CTA on the ‘Punch’ posts. Give away your knowable and develop trust and authority. 49% of people share because they feel it provides valuable content to others.

Which social media channel is a good fit for you?


Instagram: This platform is great for visual-centric products and services. This is easier for brands than others. But once you dive deeper into your brand, there are many creative executions in which you can generate visual content. You need to think in a slightly more abstract way.

In 2019 Instagram recorded a staggering 1 billion users on the platform. This trend is expected to grow.

Instagram is definitely a top-of-sales-funnel platform where people are expected to have short-form written content with engaging and entertaining videos and images.

While television time is often shared while users are on their phone, soon people will only watch their phone and ad-less TV shows. Youtube and IGTV will become more and more dominant.

The search functionality has become more intuitive and user friendly. Allowing people to browse not just 5 stations, but millions. Getting stuck down a video content hole is going to get easier and easier. Make sure your brand is there to be seen for the next time someone searches your niche.

The introduction of Instagram shopping opens the platform to multi-channel selling and compliments many bricks and mortar shops out there. Depending on your product or service, make sure your sales funnel strategy aligns with the buying process on Instagram.

There is a big trend for authenticity on Instagram nowadays. Mistakes are embraced and sometimes encouraged. As this powerhouse platform continues to grow, the user will be in the driver’s seat.


In 2019 engagement rates were highest in Higher Education at 3.9%, nonprofits at 2.4%, and sports teams at 2.4%. This is solely engagement, not brand awareness or impressions.

Posting times:

Depending on your target audience and how they operate, posting at specific times will vary. Below  is a heat map chart of when to post on Instagram


Facebook is the Juggernaut, The Big Cheese, Tom Cat, all of the above really. The metrics show it’s the overall clear leader in terms of engagement and number of users. Once your audience has interacted with your brand, you can then retarget them with highly specified advertising campaigns exposing them to sales offers or directing them to a website. Still using the Jab, Jab, Punch technique; you will have a chance to show them more of your brand and service through engaging slightly longer form videos around 90 secs in length, all the while informing and engaging your audience. These videos can be explainer videos, product videos, animated videos, corporate videos etc.

74% of Facebook users check it daily. (Pew Research Center)

Most people access Facebook around eight times each day. (SmartInsights)

80% of consumers are more inclined to purchase from you if they find a credible, authentic Facebook page

60% of consumers visit a Facebook page before visiting a store


Posting times:

Depending on your target audience and how they operate, posting at specific times will vary. Below  is a heat map chart of when to post on Instagram


Technically YouTube is not a social media platform, as you’re not really there to communicate with your friends and colleges. It’s becoming a broadcaster more than anything. YouTube has now become the second largest search engine because people rather watch a video explaining something over reading an article. Because YouTube is owned by Google, a company’s websites SEO is directly impacted by YouTube algorithms. All meta tags/descriptions need to optimised uniquely, for every video that’s hosted on YouTube, this will be highly favoured when the google bots crawl your YouTube channel and website. It can take a long time for fanbases/audiences to organically grow on a business YouTube channel, so you either need to drive traffic through Instagram and Facebook or embedded videos on a website with high traffic volume already.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally. 

YouTube is the preferred form of social media marketing worldwide. 83% of all consumers prefer it. (Hubspot)

54% of all people want marketers to put out more video content, and this is an excellent place to begin.

On mobile devices alone, YouTube reaches more adults aged 18 to 49 during prime time than any cable network does in an average week.

75% of adults report watching YouTube on their mobile devices. 


Pinterest is probably one of the most un-utilised social media platforms out there and doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves. A lot of brands are missing out on the potential power of this platform. Its the leader in visual research. All your social media videos can be used on your brand’s boards as the video functionality is a newish feature. An intuitive interface makes it an incredible platform for users wanting to plan just about any project. It’s gone from DIY projects and home recipes to a major shopping search engine. Advertising is a dream on this platform, as your ads can be pinned within a potential customer’s board seamlessly.

How to stand out from the pack on Pinterest?

  • High-quality videos with dynamic eye-catching animations

  • Use high-quality imagery

  • Branded-centric graphics

  • Optimally sized stills and video unique to the Pinterest layout: portrait for everything.

47% of users go onto Pinterest, just to do research on products to buy. That’s 150 million potential customers wanting to buy your products. It’s a search intent platform.

Pinterest is nearly four times more effective at generating sales than other social platforms.

85% of women on Pinterest use it to plan life moments, compared to 44% for Instagram and 53% for Facebook.

Dads are less likely to scroll through a feed to find what they’re looking for. They actively search 62% more than the average Pinner.

47% of Pinners log onto the site specifically to shop, making it nearly four times more effective at generating sales than other social platforms. 

Define your target audience?

How does your social media strategy target the audience you want? Dive deep into how your perfect customer ticks. Really understand their pain points and figure out how to deliver as much value as possible. Social media can be more about wanting to obtain something or striving towards a lifestyle they desire. What do those primary drivers look like and how do illustrate then in a healthy, authentic manner? Research shows people are wanting a happier experience on social media. So make sure your brand illustrates all these essential aspects. 

Have a look at our brand strategy video showing the different facets of brand strategy:

    Have a look at our brand strategy E-Book that un-packs all of this information.

      Brand yourself accordingly

      Social media branding goes well beyond a pretty logo. The brand voice and aesthetics need to be prevalent throughout your social media touchpoints. Colours, fonts, textures, CTA’s (Call to action), imagery, animation style. These all need to reflect what your brand ethos. When your fanbase scrolls through their feed, they need to know they have just viewed a video post from you. The colours and style of the content need to be striking, otherwise, all your hard earn efforts will be lost in the social media ether.

      How does your brand sound?

      The tone of voice in the written copy throughout your social media management also gives the opportunity to show what the brand stands for and how it carries itself. If the brand is young and vibrant, don’t be shy to use language that’s specific to that audience. Same goes with B2B and any other sector for that matter. Write in a way that resonates with them specifically.

      Respond to direct messages (DM’s) and comments on posts in a manner that shows you care about them. These are people that are engaging with your brand directly, consider that a warm lead! Honour this relationship accordingly, don’t let them feel like you don’t care. Develop trust with them as they could be a future customer.


      Larger the following, larger the leads.

      Growing your following will increase the number of warm leads, it’s that simple. Having engaging social media video content and design that looks amazing is a prerequisite.

      If you want to speed up the process you can do the following:

      Join LinkedIn and Facebook Groups:

      There are over 1.8 million LinkedIn groups and over 620 million Facebook groups out there (growing every day), so you just need to find your related niche and start participating. Join groups that are based on location, industry or common interests your target market enjoys.

      Don’t go in for the kill at the beginning. Slowly make yourself visible on the group and start with commenting slowly. When someone has a question around your expertise, post a link to a blog post you wrote around the topic. Maybe even offer free advice making it known you know a lot more about the topic.

      Family and friends:

      In the beginning, don’t be shy inviting your loved ones to your social pages. At the start, they will be your favourite supporters. It’s amazing how many people on Facebook might need your services and rather deal with someone they know.

      Run contests:

      Offer a free product/service via Facebook ads or on your social page to your existing followers is a great way to kick start engagement. It’s a perfect way to collect emails and start working with a customer who you can later sell additional services to later.

      Paid Adverts:

      The next step in boosting engagement is via paid social media ads. This is a sure way to reach the people you want immediately. You need to spend some time making sure you aren’t spending precious dollars on customers that don’t convert. Using segmented buying personas and pulling in data from your website pixel and social pixel’s, you can hyper-target potential buyers with tailored ads. If this all seems a bit too much, as an agency we can help you with this. More info here 

      What are your competitors doing?

      Keeping an eye on your competitor set is crucial to creating content and marketing decisions that solve problems they aren’t. When they ‘zig’ you ‘zag’. See what posts they have that get the most engagement and do some social listening on their channel to see what resonates with their audience. Find out the customers who are complaining and target them with personal messages with solutions. 


      Keep active!

      Making sure your social media channels are constantly active. This is vital to the survival and relevance of your social media strategy. If your channels slow down or even stop; when potential customers discover your page, they will think you are not putting effort into the brand or even think you have gone out of business! 97% of people use the internet to decide if they want to use a business.

      Tips to keeping onto of your social media content:

      Use a calendar:

      Keep track of your content with a calendar so you know when and where posts will be delivered.


      Allocate a sufficient about of money for photoshoots, videos, and design work to be generated. You need to stay on top of the content that needs to be produced and the budget that’s required to do so.


      Allocate a sufficient about of money for photoshoots, videos, and design work to be generated. You need to stay on top of the content that needs to be produced and the budget that’s required to do so.

      Stay realistic, stay positive

      It takes at least 3 months of constant posting and engagement to see results. Regularly post blog articles and capture new videos and photos for your channel. Once you have a solid base only then will you start to see results? Advertising and other tactics can speed things up, but if you don’t have the budget grind it out and the fruits of your labour will come.

      Hire a social media manager

      Leave it to the experts, they know how the game works and they can take this headache away by implementing this system and fine-tuning it to your business specifically. You can either use our service or find someone who can. Ask for a social media solution here. 

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